What is Black Hat SEO?

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SEO approaches have been categorized into either black hat or white hat. White hatters are considered to be the good guys, while black hatters are known to be grabbing temporary opportunities that will ultimately be discovered and disapproved by search engines and halted immediately. A lot of individuals still use black hat SEO for a number of reasons. Find out if you should stay with the good side or take some risks as a black hatter.

Describing the Black Hat

Black hat search engine optimization is described as using techniques that will lead to higher search engine rankings. The manner of achieving such ranking is, however, deemed to be unethical and unacceptable by search engines. Black hat SEO techniques are despised by search engines. Once found, the site or page will automatically be penalized or will suffer visibility problems, thereby rendering it useless for further marketing endeavors.

The Black Hatter

Black hat SEO techniques have a number of characteristics. The first includes the breakage of search engine rules, stipulations and regulations. Black hat techniques also provide a poor user experience, because of the unapproved means that are incorporated in the methods. Black hatters also provide content that are unethical, both visually and non-visually to search engine human visitors and search engine spiders.

Black hatters used to be legitimate, but they became labeled as the bad guys after a number of webmasters abused the techniques and incorporated a lot of items that only led to irrelevant and useless searches. There was a time when online visitors could not successfully research because of the misleading presentations by black hatters. Short term gains can still be achieved by black hatters in search engine rankings, but if you want to develop long term credibility and a solid reputation, you have to follow the guidelines.

Some Black Hat Techniques

Black hat techniques should generally be avoided by webmasters or they risk getting penalize. Keyword stuffing is the most common black hat approach wherein individuals put too many keywords in their page or site, and nothing else. The keywords can boost your search engine ranking temporarily and lead a number of people into the site who happen to type in the main keywords. They, however, immediately get turned off once they browse the page and find nothing else on it.

Invisible text is another method that you should avoid. It involves placing lists of keywords in white text against a white background to draw more search engine spiders. Search engine crawlers nowadays are much smarter and it also takes away more human users from your page. Doorway pages are considered fake pages that users never get to see. The approach is intended to draw more search engine spiders but human visitors cannot see anything useful or relevant once they visit the page.

The Temporary Effects

The use of black hat SEO can be very tempting for some, but you have to understand that the effects are only temporary. The site can rank very high for some time, but immediately get banned. You can also lose your credibility by choosing these types of technique. Talk to other marketers online and find out about the other white hat methods that offer long term benefits. Your web site can become a solid face in the industry, but it does take some patience and dedication to stay on top of the rankings.

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